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    guest and subchannel

    hello everyone...

    in case there allready is a thread in this forum concerning my problem please excuse my post and link the thread allready in existence... thank you in advance if you do so :-D
    i have searched the forum but couldn't find anything which would have helped me in this regard

    my problem:
    i want guest on my ts3 to be able to create temporary subchannels inside the channel/subchannel they are currently in... (but not in other channels// only if they change the channel they will be able to create a subchannel in that particular channel)... these subchannels and channels are premade and permanent... and i only want them to be able to do one subchannel as a guest... inside the newly created subchannel only the channel admin should be allowed to create another subchannel

    for better understanding... here a clear chart and some rules for them
    channel 1 ----> subchannel a ----> subchannel b ----> subchannel c
    case 1:
    "channel 1" is the mainchannel in which a premade "subchannel a" is allready placed... i want the guests to be able to create "subchannel b" (to only be temporary) but only the channeladmin of "subchannel b" is allowed to create "subchannel c" but not further (so that channeladmins can only reach the maximum of "subchannel c"... so that guests inside "subchannel b" can't create "subchannel c"... and guest are not allowed to create "subchannel a" in "channel 1"

    in my other case (which is taking case 1 into it!) i want guests to be able to create "subchannel a" inside a certain "channel 1"... but they aren't allowed to get deeper... so that they can't create "subchannel b" or "subchannel c"... only the channeladmin is allowed to create "subchannel b" but not "subchannel c"

    in the last case i want guests not to be able to create any subchannels at all... not even the channeladmin is allowed to create a subchannel in this particular channel

    all 3 cases are to be used on one teamspeak simultaneously but for different channels...

    so... you see why i am stuck i guess :-D pls help me out
    in case you want to help me directly i can post you the ts3adress and we could go over it together... THANK YOU FOR READING and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR HELPING ME OUT :-D

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    It seems be something like that:

    MyGreateChannel (permament witch 2 channel admins Mike, Megan)
    Guest1 join channel "MyGreateChannel" and can make sub-channel (but only at one level) called Guest-channel1

    Mike, Megan can create subchannel of Guest-channel1

    1. Channel MyGreateChannel need perms

    SpecialChannelAdminGroup need have aditional permission caled


    --|>Mike (C) (can create subchannel)
    --|>Megan (C) (can create subchannel)
    --|>Guest1 (G) (can create subchannel)

    --|>Mike (SpecialChannelAdminGroup) (can create subchannel)
    --|>Guest1 (C) (can`t create subchannel)
    --|>Megan (SpecialChannelAdminGroup) (can create subchannel)

    If you still have problems or my answer is unreadable feel free to post.

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    thank you :-D worked with some tweaks on it... but the next problem arrises allready :-D

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