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    Question I want all TS chatter routed to only one ear

    I would like to make all team speak chat go to just one ear, so that I can know who was talking in TS and who is talking in game. So far I have yet to find anything that can do this (I found a couple posts saying it was happening as a bug but trying to recreate the conditions hasn't helped)

    Anyone know of a plug-in or option somewhere that I'm missing for what should be a simple and common feature?

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    The only thing you can do is to use 3D Sound.
    right click your channel and select setup 3D sound. There you can arrange people or server and channel groups, for example you could move them all to the left and you will hear them from the left side.
    However this needs to be set up for every channel and only affects the people speaking, not the announcements or other sounds played by TeamSpeak.

    You can also just move yourself to the right (to hear everyone from the left) or the left (you hear everyone from the right side) and leave everyone else at the center. This might be easier if there are lots of people / groups and it also has the advantage that you don't need to modify the 3D Settings again for a new group or a new client.
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