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    TS3 Client on a linux dedicated server

    Hello everyone,

    our clan got an idea to realize a sound bot which is able to stream some podcasts and news announcements.
    To do that, we've thought of installing a TS3 client on our linux dedicated server (currenty, it is Debian Squeeze).

    1.) Do you think this is possible with VNC / XServer? If yes, do you have any recommendations how to do that?
    2.) How can I emulate one / more sound cards, so that we may let the bot join twice in different channels with different streams / podcasts?

    In my conception, I'd like to start a mp3 player then which outputs our mp3s to the simulated soundcard, so the TS3 client can stream it to our server.

    I'm happy for every answer.
    Thanks in advance!

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    if your server got a sound card you might be able to get it working, however I don't know of servers having a sound card.

    As for applications to emulate stuff, try google.

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    No, it doesn't get one. The solution should be to use ALSA with snd-dummy which provides basic sound test drivers.
    But I'm not very familiar with linux, so I don't think I'm able to do the trick.

    I've googled a lot on that topic, but I can't finde someone who wants to do the same.

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