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    NPL License Denied?

    Hey guys...

    I applied for the NPL License for my community's TeamSpeak server, since with the free one either way it's asking for a license...and its only 30 slot server on my dedicated server...

    Any who, I applied for it twice and both got denied. I don't understand why..I know the requirements, but I just don't know exactly what it's being denied for? My site is a gaming forum, and as some they have RSS feeds for news. I have the Steam Game Releases and IPS News feeds on my know, a little news articles for my guests to read, etc. Why am I being denied an NPL license?

    My site:



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    The reason was likely given to you in the email notifying you about your request being denied.

    If you have questions or are in doubt contact the sales team directly.

    -> Trashed.

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