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    Question Server Update / License Questions / Update Questions / Instances

    Hi there,

    next on my todo list is to update the teamspeak server for my community. On connect there is recently a popup (Blah, server is outdated/whatever)

    1 Server
    512 Slots

    My first problem is the update procedure. As I have it once, I could not use encryption. Only wiping the whole server fixed it. Recently, I took a look at the updatefiles and saw instructions like
    ALTER TABLE whatever
    UPDATE TABLE something blah VARCHAR(255)

    Is this how the updates are done??
    So if there are fast regular cyclic updates, this is then very care intense for an admin. No need to tell that I need to parse manually each updatefile from version to version and HOPE that I haven't missed a line containing update instructions so someting may break in future or is already broken.

    So, since I also want to avoid downtimes, I thought:

    Second server, slots are not important, but should be like maybe 5 to test rights which in my opinion is more than complicated (but thats another story).

    As I read the license which I have, it is for me not clear if I'm able to setup
    - 10 servers max, each 512 slots max
    - 10 servers with a total of 512 slots (f.e. 1x512, 5x102, 2x256) <- where I think this may it be
    So please add WITH A TOTAL, its better to understand.

    And now my problem. Since it is for me that I first need to discover and study this overbloated rights system without touching the existing server, is it possible to setup another server or will it be blocked because of license blahblah? Sure, I could setup a Teamspeak server at another ip, which may work, but in this case teamspeak should have an option for developers, testers, admins, whatever to use a kind of restricted license/whatever to complete their work.

    After completition I thought about comparing users and channel tables, and using the existing data for the new server. As I mentioned before, I do not trust those changelogs, I do not trust myself in "I could be missing a line for MySQL" and thats why I'd like to create another instance on same ip to test it. Possible?

    Kind regards,


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    Those files you mentioned are SQL update scripts which are included in some server versions if there were changes necessary to the database. Not every version necessarily includes these files.

    In any case those scripts are executed automatically by the server on first launch if required. They should not be executed manually in part for the reasons you mentioned above.

    Updating the server is as easy as downloading the new version directly to your server, and replacing the existing files with the new ones (after shutting down the currently running server of course), then starting the updated server again.
    If you want to be on the safe side you can just extract the archive into a new directory, stop the old server instance and then copy the following files and folders from the old folder to the new one (if a file does not exist you don't need it and can safely skip it):
    • licensekey.dat
    • ts3server.sqlitedb
    • ts3server.ini
    • ts3db_mysql.ini
    • files/
    • tsdns/tsdns_settings.ini
    • query_ip_whitelist.txt
    • query_ip_blacklist.txt
    • serverkey.dat

    If you are using MySQL then you should also pull a dump from the MySQL Database so you have a backup of your database.
    Afterwards just start the server in the new directory. If something goes wrong you can just go back to the old one (usually shouldn't happen if you are using the official releases only).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Those files you mentioned are SQL update scripts which are included in some server versions
    Yep, I saw the sql update scripts, and I know after a few updates that the database has been updated, but:
    - It had lead to an inconsistency that I couldn't use encryption
    - In changelogs I saw updates in DB schema, but not in newest sql update files

    This is why I do not trust the auto update at server startup. IT DOES the update, but there is always something missing. I took a look at the changelogs, found modifications in DB schema, and after firing up the server and receiving confirmations that db has been updated to X, nothing has changed on DB side.

    Also my current problem:
    - Channel File Upload not accessible for a user
    -> User has no rights to see files (Guest)
    -> Added him as CA
    -> No rights
    -> Added him as SA
    -> No rights
    Aehrm, wait, WHAT!? Even after relogin it simply does not work. For a user which in the end had same rights as me.

    Usually I tar the whole folder before I'm updating, also saving db to db_backup_XY and then deploying new files.

    And that are the reasons why I would like to have a dev/testserver to test, update, configure, before I'm switching the machine live.
    And I see a problem with licenses.

    -> I need a solution for that without touching or modifying my current server (1x512).

    Please, for anyone who can help me here, the previous sentence is important for me.

    Kind regards,


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    Unless there is something in the changelog, you don't need to do anything manually.

    If the SA Group doesn't have permissions for the file transfer then the user won't have any. It might also be that the permissions are overridden later on by channel group or client permissions, channel permissions etc. Check the permission overview for the user to see if he has the permissions, with what value and where those come from.

    I am running MySQL myself and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

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    Hi chris,

    thanks for your answers, but none of my problems have been solved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Unless there is something in the changelog, you don't need to do anything manually.
    Yes I do.
    Once again:
    - Autoupdate lead to "I cannot use encryption", reinstall of whole Teamspeak fixed it.
    - If there stands that a column has been VARCHAR updated to 1024, and its still VARCHAR 255, then there is something failing.

    So: Autoupdate won't work for me. I had 3 major problems with autoupdates 'till now and I'm not wasting my time searching for bugs which does not come to an end but installing a new server and migrating channels and users. Saves me much more time.
    Solution: Testserver. I still need an solution for my problem stated above.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    If the SA Group doesn't have permissions for the file transfer then the user won't have any.
    - I am SA
    - I can access
    - User is SA
    - User can't access

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Check the permission overview for the user to see if he has the permissions
    -> Opened permission overview and compared mine and users rights. Identical.

    I have seen many, many teamspeak servers, with secial rights, icons, whatever, and to be honest: Mine one does not even have a custom group/whatever created. So it's quite original and unmodified.

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    If manual changes to the database are mentioned in the changelog then you will need to do those manually, but only those mentioned and nothing else.
    Please send me a private message with your server details so I can take a closer look at your permission issue, or provide a database dump in a private message.

    As far as testing updates goes you can temporarily reduce the slots of your main server and use the remaining slots of the license to run a second instance for testing purposes.

    As far as your encryption problem goes, please provide complete server logs where this issue occurs, as I was saying auto updating my servers never caused these problems.

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