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    Teamspeak 3 Pokes

    Hi everyone,im having this issue since last week and i've been trying everything that i could to fix the following problem:

    Im using the latest TS3 update but had the same problem on the previous release,basically everytime someone pokes me my teamspeak window pops up which is really anoying to me because i play world of warcraft and sometimes im raiding with my guild and i get poked by a friend opening my Teamspeak window.

    Did anyone had this issue before or know any way to solve this? hope that someone can help me

    Thank you.

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    New Jersey, USA
    This has always happened in the past with me. The only real way I know how to fix it is to have the server admin block pokes to you. If you are the server admin, just edit your user permissions and make the required power level to poke insanely high. Or just simply request your friends to use the open text window instead of poking you. If I can figure anything out for you. I will let you know

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    This shouldn't happen if you are on fullscreen mode, but maybe WoW does fullscreen in some strange way.
    If you play in windowed mode then this can only be avoided by raising your i_client_needed_poke_power to like 100, preventing anyone from poking you in the first place.

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    Hmmm i see...seems like im going to have to ask for a poke ignore until it gets fixed somehow,thanks guys

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    I play window mode and it does not bring TS to my top window. I am on a Macpro OS X mavericks and I have scoured your forums for help.

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