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    Solved Overlay 3.7.8 Starts recording and screenshots GW2 crash

    Hi, I am new around here, install teams peak for guild wars 2, Currently I am not able to produced any logs and stuff.
    But I would like to ask you guys for help
    I recently update Team speak and it's overlay system.
    Got a new black UI interface that can be interacted every time I adjusted my channels and stuff with the hotkey I assigned(I forgot what is that call)
    erm with the new SS features and Video recording features..
    Every time when i am in guild wars 2 and I right click my chat box to invite people into party my guilds wars 2 crash..
    Before that it will start the recording.
    Hope someone could give me a solutions to this.


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    We need the overlay logs for gw2, these logs should be located in %AppData%\ts3overlay. The File should be named gw2.exe.log

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    atm i am using 3.7.9 overlay plugin.. problem still exsists.
    Whats the problem? its weird. When you are on GW2.. you have a button to show the overlay setup/placement (yust the normal overlay button) .. it holds 2 buttons in the left down corner.. screenshot and record.
    The problem is this: The moment you close the overlay screen (thus that only the teamspeakbox with the names is left) .. the buttons are still working. Even though invisible, the screenshot and record buttons are still active in the left down corner..

    thus everytime you want to use your chatbox you click those invisible buttons and TS starts recording, mostly causing a crash or freeze.

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    Please try it again with that version, the buttons should be removed.

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    I guess this is solved then?
    Feel free to reply, when it still happens to you.

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