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    [request] Webcam support in Teamspeak3

    Hello Teamspeak users,

    Brainstorming about the possibilities Teamspeak3 would have when adding Webcam support.
    Ofcourse I understand that TS3 is designed for fast voip communication during online gaming.
    to have a low latency while talking with allot of people at the same time.

    So knowing this I would still love webcam support.
    Think about using your webcam to setup an avatar.

    Is it possible to generate a picture output for the avatar that is generated by the webcam input?
    This way you would already have a fix to have webcam feat inside ts3.

    Well I love to read peoples thoughts about this, so don't hesitate to reply on this topic!

    Cheers SteZZz

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    I dont think I agree with the Web cam thing, as its more of a multi casting thing, and Skype is ideal for that, but a plug in to screen share might be a nice add on.

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    Yes add webcam to teamspeak !!! it should be good , also Skype have some limit and also some security problem ( DDOS by skype resolver ...) about webcam ... so i think should be implented in teamspeak.

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    Found this here

    I am trying to test out this here.

    It looks functional

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    in a house.
    hmm,, fuzy documentation.
    but the plugin wont show up in TS3....
    beter, not even in the plugin directory here......

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    I agree with everybody. The use of skype seems more appropriate since the consumption of server bandwidth and resources is going to be less

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