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    Solved [Feedback] Revert time allowance for ban window.

    I noticed after the most recent update (3.0.9) that there has been a reduction of character allowance in the ban user dialog so now the longest custom time allowed is 27.37 years, while in previous version i was able to ban people for around 297 years, 31 days, ect.
    I would greatly appreciate this to be reverted for comedic purposes

    Thank you.

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    Please use Permament for such bans.
    The ban with 297 years makes no sense at all
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    I think allowing a max value in the duration field of (^{9999,12,31}-date()) when set to days would be funny. Currently is 2917258

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    9999 Days is about 27 years and I doubt anyone will have a TeamSpeak 3 server running in 27 years
    This won't be included, as said before use permanent bans instead.

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