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    Permissions and access help

    Hello, I have had a Teamspeak server for a while now. I just got my NPL and want to scale up my server. I am a registered member of and want to provide free channels to Teams and leagues. I am running into an issue that I cannot seem to resolve. It is apparent unless I am missing something that if a main channel is password protected then the sub-channels aren't automatically protected. Meaning anyone can join that sub-channel. What I need to accomplish is this. I want Leagues to be able to have their own private space with a main channel and a series of sub-channels underneath. What is the best way to allow only members of that league in that channel and its family.

    For Example: League A needs access to the public areas and the League A tree but must be prevented from League B and C ETC. League B must be only able to access League B family and public areas. All the leagues and team channels are on the same hierarchical level. So permission values kind of don't work here... It would be nice to be able to use server groups which i have tried to no avail. ie. Server Group "League A" Would have permissions to League A main channel and its family and the public areas. I have searched the forums I don't see any recent topics to go off of. I have also view all of TS tutorials.

    Your help is much appreciated, thanks in advance,

    Main Channel (plubic)
    League A (League A members only)
    Sub-A (League A members only)
    Sub-Sub-A (League A memers only)
    League B (League B members only)
    Sub-B (League B members only)
    Sub-Sub-B (League B members only)

    Server version on Windows.


    Server version on Windows.
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    Take a look at this thread and see if it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poisonpanik View Post
    Take a look at this thread and see if it helps.
    I have read through that post. It is close to what I am looking for, very close. With that configuration League A will be able to hop into League B sub-channels.

    If I create a server group lets say "league member" and User "A" has password to the Parent channel "League A" when he joins into the main channel theoretically, I can setup the channel so it gives him a higher join power correct, a number that matches the sub-channel? so he can get in that way?

    Server group: League member: Join power 55

    League A Main Channel: i_channel_needed_join_power=55 i_channel_join_power=60
    League A Sub-Channel:i_channel_needed_join_power=60 then reduce the i_channel_join_power=55 so they couldn't hop to another leagues sub-channel.

    How would I implement this, is it possible?

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    Read the following posts / threads, they should help you.

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    Thanks Chris I figured it out.

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