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    Question Public server list

    I dont understand the public list - who control it - and if there is only room for 100 on the list, why show 50 seats with empty servers.

    We have always been on the list - but since we have changed ip, we are not on the list anymore.

    When we were on the list - we were always number 1 on the list, From our country Denmark.

    Is there nothing we can do to get back on the list. ?

    I have written to our provider, and here is the answer

    Me [Client] In some mysterious way, we disappeared from the server list - we have always been number 1 on the list (Denmark) - but now we are not on the list.

    I've looked under the server settings and it is set to - we would like to appear in the list.

    How do we get back on the server list.

    Thank you.

    Thu 10/25/2012 2:35 PM EST
    Dustin [Staff] Hello,

    Your server is not showing on the list because it is not in the first 100 servers shown in that location. This is something that is programmed into the TS3 server list client side. We can not make your server show in the list of the first 100. There is no way for us to force this.

    Thank You,


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    What is your server name?

    Maybe you need use filters: ... Region ... City ... , like when you use Country
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    As it has been said: The Weblist is entirely random.

    What servers appear where on the list for which filters is entirely random. Each time 100 servers that match the filters are selected randomly, the results get cached for some time.

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