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    For a temporary client group a max of a week?


    I don't know if i put it in the right forum, but i have a question.

    We use on the server temporary client permissions.
    It seems that the permission system not always recognize the same client if he have a permanent right instead.

    Is it possible to get a value in the permission system to give a client with temporary permissions for a week.
    If he (the temp client) fails to get permanent permissions, the temporary rights will be deleted a week later from the moment he registers, automaticly.

    If the client gets his permanent permissions, the permission system will remove his temp rights.

    Is something like this possible?
    Let me know.

    Regards, Vincent.

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    This is not possible with the permission system, you either have permanent permissions or only temporary for the current session.
    You can create a simple bot or script for this though.

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