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    Post Setting up multiple identities?

    Hello all, So let me explain why i need this and what it is for... I have a personal second computer as dedicated server for hosting various games. I have the second computer logged into our TS3 server. It is in there to let others know the server is up and what game it is on. This is why i want multiple identities. I want each identity to have a different nick name, for 1 so others know what the server is hosting for example: "[LSO] ARMA II Server is up> >" another example: [LSO] BF3 Server is up> > > the arrows points towards the description. In the description i have various information about the game its self... So that is why i would like to have two bookmarks with multiple identities so depending on what is being hosted others will know what the dedicated server is doing. Thank you for any input on this topic~

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    Go to SETTINGS->IDENTITIES and create as many identities as you want.

    Once you have the identities setup you can modify the bookmark(s) for the server to use a specific identity when you connect.

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