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    Getting my IP and Ddos'ing me?

    I'm going to sum things up, I currently use a teamspeak for a clan and the owner pretty much grabs my ip (client connection info : client address: ) and other's and just DDOS us for a good 10 minutes. I heard others not getting to use their internet for a week. How can I solve this problem? Should i just stay away from the teamspeak? It's a big issue since they take advantage of me and others, and just randomly take our internet down at any time. I tried reset my IP but it hasn't changed.

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    Nothing we can do about that, those who run the server will always know the ip address of people connecting to it. If you are getting attacked, feel free to take this matter to your local police station / authorities.

    Or you could always just rent your own TeamSpeak server and be done with the problem. By default only server admins can view the ip address in the client and you can disable that too.

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    Can i get ddosed by someone in team speak 3?

    i'm new with this soo..

    or maybe it can, but it's difficult to ddos someone ?


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    here and there..
    For TS Server:
    Yes, you can by ddosed (crazy sense Oo)
    The most effective protection against ddos is to close ports. In TS you need to open some ports, or the server won't work.

    For Clients:
    Maybe, in my opinnion yes, if they found out the port wich connects to the server.
    But this port is't open in routers firewall, only the programm teamspeak can use the port. But I'm not shure ^^

    Please correct if something is wrong


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    If you want to get protected from DDoS you will need some DDoS protected hosting or a DDoS mitigation service.

    If you get hit with a good botnet a simple server won't stand up, like what happened to mine some times.

    No, closing ports doesn't help anything.

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