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    TeamSpeak 3 Client Version Released

    We have released a second update for the 3.0.9 TeamSpeak Client release.
    This hotfix takes care of the hotkey issue where hotkeys were no longer recognized by TeamSpeak with games running as administrator.
    Besides a minor fix to whisper lists there are no other changes.

    The changelog:
    - Reverted running privileged behaviour which was changed for 3.0.9 and causes
      hotkeys not working with games running as administrator.
    - Fixed writing whisper group targets.
    The update is available via the autoupdater or as installer from our downloads page.

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    Just want to submit this error in the update dialog
    Beim Herunterladen von trat ein Fehler auf: SIZE not allowed in ASCII mode

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    The hotfix does not work. Still having issues with privelages and also now the error message with uploading to file browser.
    Is there a way to revert back to a working install?

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