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    Question| Does TeamSpeak integrate and able to use in Unity 3D engine?


    I'm trying to build a kind of voice messenger inside my Unity3D game engine, i need to be able to establish a peer to peer communication and also group communication, or just make that i will be able to speak with each other.

    I'm using C# (and JAVA) and and i need to know if Team Speak SDK is the best solution to integrate voice inside my game.

    It will be more helpfull if you will bring me some unity3d project examples. or tutorials ,

    Can you help me?
    TNX a lot.

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    With the TeamSpeak SDK you can embed TeamSpeak technology into your own application, you will have to create your own server as well since SDK clients cannot connect to regular servers and regular clients cannot connect to SDK servers either.

    Our SDK download includes a small C# example which should be enough to get you started on how to do the rest.

    Classic Peer-to-peer as in direct client to client connections are not possible, all communication is running over a server, however you could connect them all to a server and then use whisper or dynamically create a channel and switch the clients to it to simulate peer to peer.

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