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    TS3 Issues, PTT and not being able to hear other people in TS3...

    Ok so, after the last few updates, my friend started having issues with TS3. I could hear him talking using a PTT key when he had minimized SWGEmu, I could hear him fine with any other application running except SWGEmu, however when he is in SWGEmu his scale doesn't light up and apparently the PTT key is not functioning while he is in game. Like many other people we thought at first this was a "Run as Admin" thing, we went through the steps of making sure that wasn't the case and compared his settings to mine in Windows 7 64bit, to no avail we could fix the problem. So after 4 night of scouring the interwebs for a fix, of which there are many and we tried them all, a new update for TS3 comes and the issue is worse now as he can no longer transmit in windows or while any program or internet is running. He uninstalled and re-installed TS3 and still the same issue, the bookmark set to default didn't fix it since it was already set to default. We are completely at a loss here, is there a fix for this or something we haven't thought of?


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    He is using client
    Where did he install the client to?
    64 or 32 bit Operating system and client?

    Also try using a different hotkey detection method in settings -> options -> hotkeys (dropdown above the apply button).

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