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    Queries about recent changes in NPL

    Hello everybody,

    as I'm sure most of you have notived that there have been changes in the non profit license terms over the last couple of days and a few new lines have appeared in the license:

    e. You may not create channels or virtual servers for the purpose of "sharing" your license with another organization. Utilizing your NPL to act as an "intermediary TeamSpeak server provider" to other organizations is strictly prohibited.

    Can you please explain in more detail what exactly is meant by "for the purpose of sharing your license with other organizations"? I've got a hosting- and sponsoring website and have been supporting clans with webspaces and Teamspeak 3 servers, is that still allowed???

    I've seen some replies on other queries about this matter (in German, I'll give my best to translate it).

    Thank you for contacting Teamspeak support. Sponsoring Teamspeak 3 servers is not prohibited. Our Teamspeak 3 NPL is still available for hosting servers within your project.

    So if I have a sponsoring website and somebody signs up on my site and asks for sponsoring they are "part of my project".

    But what I think is really confusing is whether public servers are allowed or not. May a non profit license owner host a public server free for anyone to join and create their own channels and use it for their projects? Or does that count as "sharing your license"...

    Please clarify this matter.
    Thank you!

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    odd, I noticed changes also! I had a license and trying to recover this gives me no such email address lol banging my head against a wall

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