Hello there.

I'm using TS for years already, but few days ago some problems has started to bother me.
To be more exact, I have never had problem with losing connection, and now it happens very often to me, and it doesn't seem to be server side, since I'm losing connection with pretty every server I am talking on. It happens after very random duration, sometimes it takes 5 minutes before I'll get first disconnect, sometimes it takes an hour. The probelm occurs since last TS update. It is not caused by my connection, nor the antivirus software (checked if I'm losing packets, ping stays low also). About the antivirus, I wasn't sure if it's not blocking something, so I've turned all its functions off. Didn't help. Then I've uninstalled it completely, and deleted all of its remains, with registry keys included.

Second problem is that client sometimes suspends. When I'm on a channel, all of a sudden I can't hear anyone. Everyones lights glow, but they don't even talk. They can still hear me, but I can't hear them. Only thing I can do about it is to restart client and connect again.

Hopefully you'll help me to find a solution.