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    <11:49:07> Trying to resolve hostname

    I as of Monday afternoon was able to connect to this site, Now this is all I get, I have port forwarded as well as reserving ports, no change, removed and reinstalled program, after full registry and file clean. Reinstalled windows 7 ultimate 64, disabled firewall, The only thing I have not tried is directly connected to the modem. I do not think that will do anygood since I have changed routers to a new one. I verified I am able to connect to any radom sever on the public list.
    windows 7, Charter is cable provider, forgot where the log is kept will edit post when I find it

    Glenn A Nicholson

    <11:49:07> Trying to resolve hostname
    <11:49:11> Trying to connect to server on
    <11:49:17> Failed to connect to server

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    Since it's a hostname for a dynamic IP Address on someones home connection, the machine or TeamSpeak server might just be offline when you attempted to connect.
    Or the person running the server got assigned a different IP and didn't update the hostname.

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