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    i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power send to SA


    i need to know how can i set ( i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power ) for guest group> msg sends to Server Admin Groups only.


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    Not sure what you want to do, but assuming you want guests to only be able to open private chats with server admins but not any other group this is what you have to do:
    Guest Group:
    i_client_private_textmessage_power = 1
    i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power = 75

    ServerAdmin Group:
    i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power = 0

    Now Guests can only contact the Server Admins privately and nobody but server admins can contact guests.
    Everyone else will still be able to contact everyone including server admins.

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