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Thread: Ban an IP range

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    Ban an IP range

    Hello, I've got a troublemaker that seems content to wait around 10 minutes to change his uid each time I ban him.
    Passwording the server is not an option.

    Is it possible to add a ban by IP range?

    I can see that I can add a ban by ip and set it as a wildcard but cannot get it working.
    Using a *, i.e. 10.0.1.*, does work but I need more control than this. For example I need to ban, how would I enter that?

    Also tried as a regular expression, which would mean just enter the range as I have above, but the bans do not work.

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    raising needed security level ?

    btw, is the user with IP you mentioned 10.0.... ?
    That is private IP range. Meaning it is not user from internet.
    Find out who is it in your LAN, or who hijacked into your/neibrhood wi-fi....

    regexp like: ^10\.0\.[1-3]\..* or 10\.0\.[1-3]\..*
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