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    Changing Query Port via the CLI or at all

    I have setup an additional TS3 on a separate box and I would like to change the query port to allow for GT to see who is connected and monitor it.

    So I have a windows svr2008box and I initially setup the server without a server.ini figuring changing the port would not be difficult.

    I have tried via the ServerQuery (CLI) and either my syntax is wrong or something else is interfering.

    I login over telnet to the cli on 10011

    Login UN+PW

    use sid=1

    instanceedit serverinstance_query_port=10012

    I get msg=ok

    restart the TS3 instance and it still is running on 10011.

    I have even had it create the server.ini file and I edited the query to the desired port.

    However the server still only opens up on 10011.

    Searching the forums I found that you can edit the sql file named "ts3server.sqlitedb" with an editor and the setting is in there.

    When I open this file with an sql editor it is mostly garbage text, but all the rest of the sql files open fine.

    The only way I can get this to work is by using a .bat file that executes the .exe and then has query_port=10012 attached to the end.

    Yes this works, but really isn't there a better way to do it?

    This should be a configurable variable, just like the FT port and the Voice port.

    Any help appreciated,

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    The query interface port can only be changed through the command line parameter for safety reasons.
    Often the query interface is reachable from the outside and it would be pretty bad if you could change the port over the network and others (probably the owner) wouldn't be able to connect and manage their servers anymore.

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    Also, did you remember to define the query IP? The defined query port is ignored if a defined query IP is not also found.

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