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    Setting my Self as a Server Query Admin

    OK, So I need to set myself as a server query admin
    was going to use this code:
    login serveradmin pass
    use port=9987
    servergroupaddclient sgid=2 cldbid=4

    But, I don not have "server query" under my tools option :/ please help. I need to enable permission nodes for tsviewer
    Here, trying to set permissions as shown in here:
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    Server Query was removed from client version 3.0.9, you'll need to telnet to your Teamspeak server on the query port (10011 by default) to make any changes

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    Adding regular users to the query groups is not supported not required. Everything you can do with the Client can be done with the normal Server Admin group already. There is no need for anyone to be added to that group and it is potentially dangerous doing that as you can easily ruin your server setup.
    You can use your Normal ServerAdmin, for enable next permissions:

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