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    Lightbulb Security Level for Channels / Ban for TS3-ID

    I have 2 suggestions, because some ppl like to disturb and spam on public servers ...

    The first suggestion is to add a new permission and enable to set the security level for channels.

    Instead of give a channel a needed join power you should be able to set a needed security level for a channel.
    (default value should always be the needed security level for joining the server if it's not set)

    The idea behind was to enable some default channels for everyone with just the default security level and some channel for people with a higher security level without the need to add everyone in some servergroups ...
    ... so you have less administration and people could avoid bad guys (Spamming/Insulting ...) much easier ...

    example: (Server have a default security level of 8 - the needed security level for channels will be in "()" )

    Lobby (8)
    Chatroom 1 (8)
    Chatroom 2 (8)
    VIP Chatroom 1 (30)
    VIP Chatroom 2 (30)

    In this example only people who have a security level of 30 or higher could join the VIP Chatrooms - even if some people get banned and create a new identity they need at least > 1h to gain access to this (public guest) channel and the administrator have no need to add everyone into a servergroup ...

    ... and you could create Channels with much higher security level for regular guests ...

    The second suggestion is to enable ban for the TS3-Client and not only one Identity.

    If i ban a bad guy - as example for insulting - he could change his IP and create a new identity in less than a minute and join again and again and flame around ...

    ... now you will say i could raise the security level for joining the server - but then i will tell you, that some bad guys could create more identitys "over night" and continue even if the security level is higher than the default ... so raising only the security level will sometimes not help ...

    Enable to ban the TS3-Client himself so a new identity will be blocked, because he use the same client - maybe he could now reinstall the Client to get a new Client-ID and ex-/import his identitys before/after reinstall, but this will take some time and make it less funny to disturb other ppl ...

    You could save the ID in the registry or in a hidden file and keep them even if the Client got deleted. So if someone reinstall the Client he should get the same TS3-Client-ID instead of a new one ...

    ... this will add extra security - because not all ppl have the knowlege to find the old ID and delete them (and the ID requires only a few bytes on the harddisk - so it should not matter if the old ID persist after deleting TS3 ...)

    What did you think about?

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    As for the 2nd, re-installing the client wouldnt take that long. He could also using another PC or a laptop etc.
    Also, there is no real way to prevent an user from returning (not only in TS but also in Text-Chats, Forums, CMS etc.) except denying him internet access.
    On reason is, the server doesnt know the person whos using the computer. If its an public computer or used by the family at home, you would block any other user too.

    The best way besides security levels would be restricting guest permissions or setting the default channel to be moderated or using a server password along with temporary passwords / tokens.

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    On reason is, the server doesnt know the person whos using the computer. If its an public computer or used by the family at home, you would block any other user too.
    If you ban you will ban both, ID and IP - so i would block possibly more than a family by default ... and it should be only an option so ban the identity or the ts3-client ... by default only ban the identity will in most cases good enough, but sometimes its not ...

    ... and with a stored ID they can't reinstall with another Client-ID, as long they don't know where the ID is stored ...


    And i know there is no way to block anybody forever - but it's imho to easy to ignore a ban - if i just need to create a new identity the ban-system in ts3 is pretty much useless or isnt it? ...
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    Read the server 3.07 pre-release patch notes... plan is to update the system and I can say from some testing that while it is not 100% at banning someone, it is 5x better at it.

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    I could find only the "TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.7 Pre-Release Discussion" ... and the "magic" is not explained there in details, so i have to wait for the release to test if the changes will help to ban bad guys or not ...

    ... but what about the security level for channels?

    Adding a min. security level for joining channels could be a great improvement especially for public servers where you can't add any user in groups ... administrators could use a combination of security level and join power to create channels for public users without and members with a servergroup assigned ...

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    I agree. That would be fantastic in my opinion. I do not want to increase the security level of the server because everyone would leave, but if I can make some "safe zone" channels where people who take the time to level up their security can enter and chat, that would be a truly fantastic idea. I really love that! I hope it gets some serious consideration.


    Probably the reason this topic has had no official word added, is because this topic has a dual request, so if they add an "Evaluation" or "ToDo" people would perhaps expect the wrong thing. I will make a separate thread on this and then the moderators can decide to either leave it or merge it. Normally topics get some kind of official position posted on them, so I will try and make the dedicated thread.
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    The topic is rejected already.
    No need for a double thread about same request / requests.
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