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    Question clone TS Server under a new port

    Dear community,

    I already tried to google my question, but I can't find any answers.. so now i hope you might be able to help me...

    I have teamspeakserver under a certain port... I like the channel names and settings and i spent a lot of time in setting up and configuring all different kind of usergroups..

    so far so good... Now I need to make an identical copy of the server and run it under a different port.

    Is there any way how to do this? I'm not good in using the command line or serverquery.. so i'm glad for any helpful step-by-step tutorial site or comment :-)

    Thanks in advance

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    You can copy a virtual server for backup purposes, but you cannot run the backup copy while the original server is already running, because two identical servers cannot run at the same time.
    What you can do is manually copy stuff over from one to another server by comparing and changing the settings on the new one.

    tl;dr: You can not currently copy a virtual server.

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    I created a snapshot of a server, changed the port and deployed it with no selected server. It obviously worked.

    With YaTQA, do the following:
    • Connect to your server.
    • Go to the Servers tab and double-click the server.
    • Go to the first Misc tab, click the first link in the Snapshot box to create a snapshot.
    • Go to the second Statistics tab, change the port.
    • Go to the Servers tab, click Stop and then after that, click Leave.
    • Go to the first Misc tab, click the second link in the Snapshot box to deploy the screenshot.
    • Start the first server.

    You need an NPL of course.

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    You can create and deploy the snapshot (I never said you could not do that), however the next time your server contacts our accounting server, and when you start the instance it will not run the copy and you get an error about the virtual server X being a duplicate that is already running.

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