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    Channels disappearing? Channel limit?

    I have created a teamspeak server for my users to talk through on my minecraft server. So far I have made a Spawn channel and then I have tried making a Member channel but when I refresh the server the channel is gone and when I create a Member channel and then try to create a staff channel it won't let me. I expect that I can make mulitple channels and that the channels will stay. Is there some type of setting I need for multiple channels? Any help appreciated sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

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    You can create as many channels as you like, given that you have the permission to create a channel in the first place. There may be limitations where and what types of channels you may create.

    For a channel to remain after everyone left, the channel type has to be either semi permanent or permanent. If you want to channel to be there after the server restarted you have to choose permanent. This is located in the bottom left corner of the create and edit channel dialogs.

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    Thanks, and also how might I be able to change my teamspeak server ip adress? I want to change it because I don't want people know my ip adress and I would like a custom one. I have heard that it also depends on what router you have. I have a Netgear WNR2000v2.

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    The IP Address is whatever your provider assigns you. You cannot change the IP Address.
    What you can do is have TeamSpeak only use one specific IP address in case you have multiple IP addresses at the same time.

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