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    How to restrict ability to send privat text messages inside current channel ?

    Hello folks!

    On the server there are about 30 channels. Some of them have a pass, some haven't.

    Initially all clients on the server have Server group: Normal and Channel group: Guest.

    There is need ability to restrict privat text message sending inside one channel, i.e. restrict privat text message sending between people inside channel. In other words there is need to prevent interchannel privat message communication between clients, but leave the ability to send privat text messages between people inside channels.


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    The only way to semi-prevent cross channel private messages, while still allowing in channel pm's is to prevent them from seeing each other by only allowing them to subscribe one single channel.
    Though even then they can pm each other by clicking the announcement messages in the server chat about people joining or leaving, or they could just join the channel, open the chat, then leave and still be able to pm each other.

    So at the end of the day the only way to fully prevent this is to disallow private messaging entirely. At least in the channels where it should be prevented or for the groups that should be prevented.

    You can do that by setting an i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power of 75-80 in the channel permissions or the server/channel group the users have, depending on what solution you prefer and how / who / where you want to disable private messaging.

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