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    Solved Channel not recorded correctly in bookmark when using a TeamSpeak link


    It seems that channel info in the teamspeak3 link is not stored correctly.

    I want visitors to follow a link and enter into a channel:
    ts3server://ip?port=9987&nickname=nick&password=serverpass&cid =123&channelpassword=xyz
    This works perfectly since 3.0.9.
    However if I use:
    ts3server://ip?port=9987&nickname=nick&password=serverpass&cid =123&channelpassword=xyz&addbookmark=BM
    A bookmark called BM is created, but the channel name is not completed. The client does then not join the correct channel when using the bookmark subsequently and is thrown into the default channel.

    If I use:
    ts3server://ip?port=9987&nickname=nick&password=serverpass&cid =123&channelpassword=xyz&channel=ChanName&addbookm ark=BM
    A bookmark called BM is created and the channel name is completed to ChanName. The bookmark does not work however and the Client still ends up in the default channel upon subsequent uses.

    If the client edits the bookmark and use the sync button after the channel name in the bookmark edit dialog box, even no nothing changes visibly (the channel name staying exactly the same), the bookmark now suddenly works.

    I've tried copying the channel name from a different admin account when editing the channel and from a TelNet Server Query session to no avail. Saving the bookmark does not create a valid bookmark. Only when the sync button is used, is a valid bookmark that takes the client to the correct channel created.

    Am I missing something?



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    I can reproduce the issue about the ChannelID not being stored correctly. We will look into this and fix it.

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    This will be fixed with the next client release.

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