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    Mitigate DDoS Attack in Teamspeak Server

    How to? Hard question... Hard answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicocaps View Post
    How to? Hard question... Hard answer.
    What is the problem exactly? is someone selectively targeting you and you know what kind of enemy it could be? clan x clan fights?

    Because I once, had ts3 server on server list with a very nice name, and it was supper attractive to some USA kids or god knows who to DDoS that box.
    Sadly for them there was no problem for me.
    Anyway few advices if this is the case, are don't have your server on "web server list" test how someone can google it and where from, obviously having your very nice clan website with server address that could be obtained using some google keywords....
    >> robots.txt << try to leave it on site while, search engines will not see it ;-)
    I have my sites where I have search engines off completely, well, that is mainly because of "look and feel"/design is missing.
    Also if they found only your ts3 server over "server list", they might not have your domain address you and your legit users use for teamspeak. You could change box/IP too .

    If it is more like the first part, you could try to talk to your provider of VPS/server/hosting/internet depending on where is your server.
    And also you could search for a host that has hardware to be online during DDoS attacks. That is however more costly and at times it requires provider to have multiple times bigger connectivity.

    Well to be honest with you, DDoS should be to certain extend prevented at ISP's that connect those sources of attack to the internet. Sadly we all know that not every ISP is blocking fake IP source address on their networks and so on. And not every report to CIRT/internet police/ISP abuse mail address will be actualy taken seriously enought(small fishes you are not a big corporation...).

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