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    Question TS3 Default overlay stops working when TSW minimised

    The overlay installed by default with TS3 stops working when "The Secret World" game is minimised. It doesn't happen with other games.

    TS loads as per normal when the game loads, however as soon as you minimise the game then maximise it, the overlay has gone, and is unable to be restarted. I've tried the numpad - hotkey without any success.

    My specs as follows (taken from dxdiag 64bit)

    Windows 7 64 Bit, Build 7601, DX11 (tried running TSW in DX9 and DX11 modes)
    Nvidia GTX 485M, driver version (latest driver)
    Running the current version of TSW (1.4)

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    Please try the overlay v3.7.9 and if that doesn't work either attach the logfile of the overlay which you can find in %AppData%\ts3overlay\logs named after the game executable.

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