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    why do we need 3 different ips?

    As the title says: Why do we need 3 different IPs for one server? Normaly the port changes für the different services but not the IP.

    If the TS3 devs can change from 3 to one IP also the problem in virtual machines with the file up/download issue goes away. Don't know? A TS3 server on a virtual machine (lets say with ip provides the internal ip (of course) to the client, but to which server should the client connect: Only a filetransfer IP works the right way.

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    Nothing forces you to use 3 different ips, you can use the same ip for all voice, query and filetransfer without problem.
    It's just an option that you can use 3 different ip's (if they are used by a nic on the machine running the server) but by no means are you forced to.
    Also if you are running the server behind NAT and/or have no external ip on the virtual machine then you will have to use the default of which is not new.

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