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    Where the failed login requests to the TS3 server & the serverquery are logged?

    My question is pretty simple.

    In case (for example) I want to use a tool like fail2ban to cut-off with a regex spammers like those in title, I need such attempts logged in a file.

    Is there such a file? And if yes, where.

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    if you enable query logging, new connections are logged and it will also log every command they used (if enabled) but it will not log the result (ie. whether an error was returned or access was granted). You can only get that information by checking whether or not that someone used commands afterwards that require authorization (which might get real tricky to do).
    Everyone can connect to the query interface and will establish a connection when they try and will most likely even be allowed to execute some commands.

    The query interface will however block / ban ppl for spamming if they attempted more than x actions in y seconds and you can configure x and y using the instanceedit command.

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