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    Reinstall HD 3780 with lates drivers and cant hear anything but anyone can hear me

    So I had some issues with my fucking Asus hd 7870 dc 2 V2 and I must reinstall the old gigabyte 3870 ICQ 3 Turbo. So I install the latest drivers (12.6) I de-install the asus drivers and TS3 refuse to give me any sound at all I test all things, I cant hear a thing but all people can hear me. Reboot wont fix anything.

    System specs:

    MB: Asus p8z77-v le (705 bios)
    CPU: i5 k3570
    RAM: 2x Corssair 8gb vengance @ 1600mhz cl10
    GPU: Gigabyte HD 3870 ICQ 3 Turbo (Catalyst 12.6) Change it now to the Internal iGPU -> Intel HD 4000, no change at all cant hear anything.
    SOUND: Asus Xondar D1 (UNi Xonar 1807 v1.62 beta 1)
    OS W7 ultimate 64 bit (some upgrades but not all)
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    Do you by any chance have a TV attached to the graphics card?
    Or any device connected to it by HDMI for that matter?

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