Hi All,

I'm writing an external VB.Net app for my clan for scheduling games, and one of the desired features is to flag who is on Teamspeak currently from within the app, and to move them into a particular channel once we have the game team organised and ready to go.

I'm using the TS3QueryLib.Net, and don't have issues when connecting to a local server as serveradmin, however when I connect to the clan TS3 server on the ServerQuery port with an account which is a Server Admin, I get banned for 600 seconds by the server.

I can initially log in via telnet, but once I use the app, I'm banned instantly. From that point, I can't even connect to the TS3 server via telnet - I never get to issue a login command to it which makes me think it's connection/ip related rather than anything to do with client account settings.

The app queries the TS3 server at various points to refresh the channel and user list, and I'm wondering if I'm hitting some kind of spam/IP protection built into the TS3 server. The "ignore auto flood" permission is set for the server group and the client settings for the account.

The idea is to have all our clan members who are online running this third party app which is going to query TS using the single account via server query.

Is that going to work? Will TS3 tolerate multiple connections on different IPs with the same account details to the server query port?

Or are the "You have been banned for 600 seconds" messages I'm seeing symptomatic of multiple connections?

Currently I'm opening a connection and closing it after I've got the data I want rather than leaving one open constantly.

Does anyone have any advice or can point me in the right direction for permissions to avoid getting the account I'm using for serverquery continually banned by the server?