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    Mac Compatability

    Hello all,

    Im tring to make my teamspeak themes MAC compatable however im not sure how to do this.

    All works apart from the images. This is simply becuase the paths are different from Windows and Linux.
    What us the best way to get these to work? Is there a variable I can use on my image paths that will get this to work?

    I want my themes to be a compatable as possible.

    Feel free to download and look at the source code for my theme.

    thank you.

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    I'm not sure if it isn't outdated, but there has been put a workaround in place.

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    Thanks I will check this out

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    The other thing that may be useful if anyone knows themes that already work with mac. Then I can use them as examples.

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    as mentioned in the linked post, both the default and bluesky theme which are included in the client release work on mac and use the workaround, so just look at those if you need to but it's basically just adding another .qss file which overrides the paths you got in the regular qss with the ones for mac. This file will only be loaded on mac systems if you name it as mentioned in the linked post.

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