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    High Ping/Packet Loss on just one specific server

    Hi, I hate to be that person that is just looking for help, but I've done as much research as I can and am still stumped.

    I'm having this issue in which there is a specific TS server that I get very bad lag and packet loss from. In every other server I join my ping is fine and packet loss is 0%, yet in this specific server (for my Planetside 2 Outfit) as soon as I join my ping skyrockets to 800+ and my packet loss is at 50%. The server is located in Texas, so it's really not that far away...and my friend who lives about half a mile from my house can connect just fine as well.

    It's just really strange to me and I'm completely stumped about what to try next. If you have any idea as to why I would be having these issues, but just on one specific server, please let me know.


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    Physical distance doesn't really matter, it can still be that your packets to that server are routed through half the country first just because it's cheaper for your provider.
    The server route back to you can also be in charge here and might take yet another route.
    It might also be that the server is experiencing high load, though in that case nearly everyone should experience high pings and packet loss.

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