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    Extract: error writing to file

    When i am going to run the setup for the installation i get around 70% and i get this error

    Extract: error writing to file
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\nsc5c00.tmp\U serInfo.dll

    I have uninstalled about 40 times i have ran as administrator i have gotten the download from not only the teamspeak sight i have gotten it from others i have completely wiped my computer of any teamspeak applications or folders and still it gets to around 70% and stops. (the \username\ in that error is were the actual profile name goes) Please help this is very very very annoying

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    Have you tried redownloading the archive? Maybe the archive is damaged?!

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    December 2012
    i cant even get it to go through the setup do get to the archive like i said it stops around 70% and does that

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    What he said was download the setup again, because it might have been corrupted.
    Either way you can (and should) check the checksum of the downloaded file against the one displayed on the download page to be sure the setup arrived without issues.

    As for the problem it might also be that you have not enough diskspace available, and in case your username is very long or contains special characters it might be that the path simply gets too long.

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