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    Solved Client Set Flag Talker dont compare Needed Talk Power


    Client_A joins a Channel with Needed Talk Power of 75
    Client_A has only Talk Power of 50
    But Client_A has Client Set Flag Talker on true

    Result: Client_A can flags himself (and another Clients) with Talk Power in Channels with not enought Talk Power.


    I want to create Member Channels and Manager Channels

    Members can move Guests into their Member Channels and flags Talk Power.
    Managers can move Memeber/Guests into their Manager Channels and flags Talk Power.

    Problem: Member can flags himself Talk Power without request in Manager Channels

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    That is expected and wanted behavior.
    In order to be not allowed to talk in a moderated channel, you always have lower talk power than the needed_talk_power, so checking it would always fail, eliminating the set_flag_talker permission.

    This will not be changed.

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