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    Question [Lua] ts3.requestClientSetWhisperList & other whisper functions missing?


    I wanted to start something (awesome) with whisper functionality in Teamspeak but I got stuck:

    I can't find the whisper functions in Lua Plugin (SDK). Are they really missing? There's nothing about "whisper" in ts3events.lua but they're mentioned in the pluginSDK: /docs/client_html/ar01s23.html#whisper (in the .pdf documentation too).

    ...or it wasn't a mistake and the functions aren't/won't be avaible in Lua?


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    The whisper functionality is not currently available in the LUA plugin, whether this can be added will need to be discussed first.

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    "can be" or "should be" added?

    I don't see a good point why it shouldn't be added since you have that in the normal SDK thereby it isn't a big deal to add that with a user-created plugin (to Lua) if you have some knowledge in C, however it's a problem for those who can script only in Lua :/

    So it's up to you, guys, thanks for the reply.

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    To be honest guys, I'm still hoping it will be added.

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