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    Solved Assign groups for a specified time

    A "Temporary Privilege Key" would be a key which puts you in a group for a pre-defined amount of time.

    For example you create a "Key" for the group e.g. "Premium" for one month. One month after the usage / creation of the key you will be removed from the group again.

    Thank you for considering my idea,

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    You can do this thing by TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework.

    What you should do is :
    1. Stand alone database to store time (timestamp) when user join in to group
    2. php script to calculate time (if time expired, remove user from group)

    In fact i was started that function allredy at this topic Rank-change but it is still in alpha (need a lot of lines of code)

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    Information of when a user joined a certain group is not stored by TeamSpeak and we do not see this as something that could be widely used.
    Plus as written above, you can already do this by creating your own bot for that or use any of the existing 3rd party tools that might offer this functionality.

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