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    Allow moving only in certain channel and subchannels

    Hello there!

    I have the following problem and could not find the words to give me proper search results:

    Channel structure:


    A user in channel Z1 has a move power higher than the needed move power of the channel group guest (via a channelgroup GroupZ1). Of course he can move EVERY guest, server-wide. How can I restrict this, so he can only move someone in Z to his channel Z1?

    What i have tried is putting the needed move power in channel Z on a lower level than the movepower of GroupZ1 and raising the guest needed move power to a higher value. Sadly this does not help me much, since Channel groups are in a higher tier than channel permissions :/

    Any ideas/hints?

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    I don`t have a simple solution but for me it is understanable in this way

    I want allow users to move only member of each channel where their belong.

    If you have many group like GroupZ1 you can set up its needed move power to a higher value than normal group channel "guest"
    So if someone don`t have any channel group higher than "Guest" they can`t be moved if not they can be moved by anyone.

    In fact that solution make a lot of work for set CG other than def CG "Guest" in my server this group is called CG Registred Member

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    Simple, either skip the i_client_needed_move_power in the server guest group or don't assign a i_client_needed_move_power in the channel group.
    Now if the server groups needed_move_power is higher than the move_power of the channel group he won't be able to move clients from everywhere but from the channel z where you specify the needed_move_power to be less than what the channel group has.

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    Permission movement.


    I want to give some people permission to move other people to channels, but not like for example the lobby.
    Because in the lobby their is a auto idle kick.
    Is it possible?
    And tell me how to do it. Please?

    Greetings Nick
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    Those people need move power in both channels the source and the target. So just don't give them any move power for the lobby and done.

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    Let see if I understand.
    Clients of specific server group I give moving power to every channel besides the lobby.

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    We have a forum search for already asked and answered questions. Thread merged!

    Assign them the permission i_client_move_power in all channels expect the lobby.
    Or use soloution above in Post #3
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