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    Question TS3 Overlay issue

    Last week i was using the TS3 overlay in Planetside 2 and my ingame app hotkey was working fine. I'd hit the hotkey and the game would dim to the background and allow me to mess with my overlay.

    I just reformatted my OS SSD and now the overlay is only partially working. The hotkey does not bring up the ingame app.. and if i move elements of the overlay with my ingame cursor the position of these elements is not saved. The colors also do not apply to the overlay when i manually make changes through TS plugin interface... the text color might change but the opacity and background color remains default.

    is anybody else experiencing this?
    Does anybody have a fix?

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    What overlay version are you using?
    What client version are you using?
    Please attach the overlay log for the game you are having problems with (located in %AppData%\ts3overlay\logs named after the game executable).

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    Overlay: 3.7.11
    TS3 Client:

    The log is attached.

    Thank you for looking into this.
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    bump. anything?

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    You are telling us that you've the "Overlayversion: 3.7.11" but your log is telling us this:

    26/12/2012 16:48:50 (Std) Active process: PLANETSIDE2.EXE
    26/12/2012 16:48:50 (Std) Current version: 3.7.8

    Please try to to install the latest version of the overlay again and try to find out if the "Current version:" in your gamelog is as it should.

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