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    Question Non-profit license issue : invalid license


    I received my non-profit licence from the sales, but when i put the file in the right place (on the root directory of my TeamSpeak 3) , control the file's read/write rights, restart the ts server, and .. it"s started
    But... in the client i can see "No license", and in the server log i read this :

    2012-12-27 13:24:47.899254|WARNING |Accounting | | Unable to find valid license key, falling back to limited functionality

    And, i can't increase slot number (normal)

    So, can you help me ?

    I use it on a private server Linux Centos 5-64 bits.

    thanks a lot !

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    Is the file owned by the same user that is running the TeamSpeak server?

    also do the following:
    cat licensekey.dat | grep "type"
    If it doesn't produce any output then read this topic

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