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    After Crash: Client won't start!

    Hello everyone,

    after a crash, my Client won't start anymore.

    The crash comes by editing my whisper-settings (delete a whisper).

    I tested something around and figured out, that the settings.db is corrupt. This is really annonying, because I don't want to search for all favorites and buddies again... what does help for this?

    I hope, anyone can help me.

    PS: There is no dump file!

    Regards, ThomasTailor93

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    What client version are you using?
    What operating system?
    What exactly were you doing before the original crash that caused this to happen?
    What did the whisper list look like and what did you do to it?
    Did the whisper list exist prior to the update or did you create the whisper list with
    Please keep a backup copy of the current settings.db in case we might want to take a look at it.

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    I guess this was with client 3.0.10? There is a know bug "deleting hotkeys"

    Make a backup of your database file!
    Open your database file with an SQL editor and remove all Hotkeys!
    Save it and start the client.
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    sorry for late reply! Yes, it is the beta client 3.0.10. I haven't got my old settings.db anymore. In a 1 hour hard work action I copied my old buddie list in the new settings.db via Navicat. Hope this Hotkey Bug will be fixed!

    Regards, ThomasTailor93

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