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    Question [not possible] I want to limit the amount of online clients in a specific group

    I want to limit some groups on a teamspeak server. By this, i mean i would like to add clients in a group, and then limit the amount of clients in that group that can be online at the same time. this sounds complicated and stupid, but i must limit the amount of people from the certain group, and make it so the rest of the slots are reserved for quests and admins. sorry i cant explain this any better, but i would really appreciate help!

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    You can't limit the amount from online users from a special group.

    The only limitations for users are: Max Server Slots; Max clients in a channel; Max clones per UID
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    Quote Originally Posted by httputub View Post
    ... the rest of the slots are reserved ...
    Also, you can reserve some slots for certain users.

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    My idea is a little bit stupid and creasy, but it should happens.

    Create some Server groupe with "b_group_is_permanent" & "i_client_max_idletime" 2 and now create an channel group (and a channel with the limit you want) thes group has "i_client_max_idletime" off and skip. Now it's tricky, you need a bot how gives all clients who joined the channel these specifed group, so they can only life in this channel.

    Should happens with more than 1 group and channel, but you have to script the bot

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