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Thread: Hotkey issues

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    January 2013

    Question Hotkey issues

    Hello and happy 2013 to everyone.
    I'm not new at TeamSpeak but I just signed up today on the community forums, I'm having this issue that it is making me crazy!!!

    I want to bind the Intro key (the one in the numeric section of the keyboard) to Toggle Microphone Mute.
    But it seems that the Enter key is triggering the event.

    Short: both keys are triggering the same event (?). (more o less).

    Please, advice in how can I fix this issue, if any extra information is required, please, let me know and I'll answer asap.

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    January 2013
    What happens when you try to use the left ALT key? Just make sure that your intro (I assume you meant "Insert") key is not possible, dirty, or somehow unworkable.

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    you can try another hotkey detection system in settings -> options -> hotkeys -> dropdown above the apply button.

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