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    Question Can assign server group but not channel group

    I am trying to set up a system to be able to share out TS3 server with other clans. I have set up various channel groups but have run into an issue. A channel admin can assign a few low level server groups but is unable to assign any channel groups even though the power and requirements seem to match up.

    What would cause this?

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    Even though the channel groups I am trying to set have powers equal to the ability of the person who has power assigned by a different channel group, the only way I can assign channel groups to people using that ID is if I set i_group_member_remove_power to 75 ? Why on earth would I need a group member remove power of 75 to assign a group to a freshly new connected person?

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    because the server/channel guest group has i_needed_member_remove_power of 75?
    If you assign a channel group (or a server group to someone that only has the server guest group) you will automatically remove them from the group they currently have, hence you need enough remove power to do so.

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