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    Weird problem with multiple interfaces/different ip addresses


    I have come across some absolutely bonkers behaviour on my private server.

    I have 1 physical nic with 4 alias's. 3 of the Alias'd nics are on the same subnet, but I have added a second alias with a different subnet(router is on the same router as the other subnet with just a secondary address).

    Here is the weird behaviour.

    With no default route on the new subnet, I cannot connect to the TS server, but I CAN connect to the query port
    With a secondary route table(properly routing I might add) I still cannot connect to the TS server, but again the query port work
    With a default route on the main route table with a higher metric, I cannot connect to the TS server but the query port works
    With 2 the default gateways of equal value in the main routing table, I can connect to the TS server and the query port

    I have confirmed by performing traceroutes that traffic is taking the appropriate routes when using the first two options.

    Any thoughts?



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    I found the answer, but I would like to understand why the application doesn't properly specify the source address

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    I only can tell you, that we support ip bindings in case, that your server does have more than one IP.

    Please use the parameter voice_ip= to bind the voice part to your IP.
    Replace 123 with your Ip
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