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    deleted my CA Group

    I m d server admin of my server...d problem is by mistake i deleted d channel admin group from d server groups dialog box in no 1 has ny power..i, server admin also cant kick ny1 or remove ny1's power or put pass to a channel..all i can do is dat i can access ny channel widout password...plz help nd tell how to solve dis nd get powers..
    Remeber : i m still d admin bt i dont hav d powers
    Thanx in advance for d person who helps me

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    Its pretty hard to understand what are you saying...

    Use telnet and add youself a Admin Server Query rank.

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    Can you wrote without abbreviations?

    And remember:
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Adding regular clients to any query group is neither recommended, nor supported or required for anything. It can cause lots of trouble and can easily trash your server setup

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